Cultivating Sales Success

Your sales team drives revenue for your business, to get the best out of them, they need to develop a unique mindset; one that translates prospects needs into aligned value. We impact your results by cultivating this mindset and moreā€¦

The Positive Approach to Sales Efficiency

Sales is a unique beast and requires a very particular set of skills. More than any other role, sales people face daily rejection. The most successful sales individuals are those that never give up, get back on task quickly and see every rejection as a learning opportunity.  

From over 1000 studies, spanning 40 years of research it was found that the best sales people in the world shared one common trait; they possess an optimistic mindset that gives them the ability to self motivate, leverage resilience and maintain productivity no matter how challenging it might be.

This workshop is all about cascading those behaviours through your sales team.


Fiona Barron

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The Happiness Hub, Fiona's background in Clinical Psychology provides the scientific grounding to our content.

Saleem Ali

Saleem Ali

Co-Founder of The Happiness Hub, Saleem integrates over 15-years of corporate management experience into our sessions.

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